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My story

Hey! If you find yourself here, you’re must probably curious about this curly girl in the pictures and most of all you want to know more about the Glamourina blog story. My name is Natalia and I come from Ukraine, where I was born and raised. At age 17, I began to study in Poland and this blog was started in early 2011. In the same year I have finished my studies at Warsaw University and got master degree in International Relations (my specialization is Strategic Studies and Safety).

During  my studies I tried to work as a translator and author. In cooperation with the Edgard publishing house, I have written a manual for people who want to learn Ukrainian, the book is called “The Ukrainian Basic Course” – I am the main author and the lector of the Audio CD course – klik-. Later on, my studies led me to work at the Embassy of Ukraine in the consular department – unfortunately diplomacy was not my fairy tale and have chosen a new direction in life.

I decided that I wanted to gain experience as a manager (I have well-know international certificates like PRINCE2 and ITIL V3) in an international corporation, taking advantage of the knowledge of six languages (Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, German, English, Italian). At that time I already have started to write this blog, which was for me a hobby rather than a plan for the future.

As you can see my search for what really fascinates and gives me a real satisfaction was not so easy. When I was on the fifth year of studies I started working full time in a Bank, then I was a Project Manager for several years in an American corporation.

Of course, during all this time I was still writing a blog. A full-time work unfortunately was limiting my time and so I did not have the possibility to take pictures during the week. I was returning home around 7pm, when it was already dark, so all the photo sessions were carried out over the weekend. I am very grateful, that my husband Sergio is a great support for me, he is doing a wonderful job as a main photographer, creating those magic pictures, which you all can see and devoting every moment, helping and advising me with all the business inquiries.
I remember those first funny pictures, where I was not able to pose, making silly faces and wearing really joyful clothes :) This is a good reference point as to where I was and where I am now. You see blog gave me a lot of motivation and helped me to develop different skills.

The opportunity to try so many professions was really amazing, since this was the fastest way to realize that the only thing that made me really happy and gives a sense of accomplishment is … the blog. Of course, blogging initially was not bringing material benefits. Only after a few years I could quit my job, now I’m a full-time blogger and my husband continues to do all the pictures :) Here you can see his official website Sergio Foto.


What can you find on the blog?

Since the very beginning, me and as a result the blog itself experienced a real transformation. It was not easy at the initials, as I mentioned I was not familiar with modeling and in addition was terribly afraid of the camera :D Blog gave me great motivation to develop and grow.

A lot of people write and wrote to me a lot of kind words of support and I am happy, that someone could be inspired by the positive energy from my personal change and continuous development. Currently the blog goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude towards the world and people. You can find here a lot of information about vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, as well as topics related to vegetarianism and veganism. If you are interested in fashion for vegans and vegetarians, there are a lot of propositions on the blog.

My lifestyle is strongly connected to yoga, which I am doing for many years already. Now I am practicing Hatha Yoga, that is why there are topics directly related to the east philosophy and texts about the beneficial influence of yoga on body and soul.

Also I am very cheerful, when it comes to blogging my attitude is very serious, posts appear regularly and are of adequate quality. However, I think that fashion is made for fun and is a way to express myself, in my case this is a wild, simple and very natural style. This optimistic way of living is a part of my lifestyle, which I want to share with people.

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My interests

Eco-friendly fashion, natural lifestyle, yoga, singing, psychology, personal development is my main interests. You will find more about each topic, going through the pages of the blog.
I also love to travel to beautiful places located in nature far away from big cities and civilizations.

Glamourina in a nutshell


  • Name: Natalia Grytsuk Viktorovna- Nataliia Grtysuk (Cyrillic transliteration and polonisation);
  • Date of Birth: 15/05/1988;
  • Place of birth: Ukraine;
  • Citizenship: Ukrainian;
  • Living in: Warsaw Poland;
  • Interests: fashion, quantum physics, self development, psychology, marketing, project management;
  • Publications: Ukrainian course for Polish speakers, “Ukraiński Kurs Podstawowy” ISBN: 978-83-61828-02-0, Edgard, Warszawa, 2009 – main author and reader;
  • Languages spoken: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English, German, Italian.
  • Started blogging: April 2011
Stylist, CEO, Project Manager and Writer
Glamourina, the owner of Glamourina.net is a stylist, writer and project manager.
DOB: 05/15/1988