Amsterdam with Microsoft Lumia | #MakeItHappen

Amsterdam with Microsoft Lumia | #MakeItHappen

This year I had a very special Christmas, because I spent it in Amsterdam.
The project was organized by Microsoft Lumia, and I had to fulfil one of my unmet resolutions for 2014. This year I wanted to visit a city where I’ve never been before, and whose style & fashion I wanted to discover.
Here you can see how Ed has fulfilled his resolution for 2014: At the same time remember that you still have a few days to participate in the project too and perhaps Microsoft Lumia will fulfill also your wish:

Amsterdam has always fascinated me with its style, architecture and culture, so I went there. In this post I focus on the architecture of the city, the buildings and the general style of being. In the next posts there will be more about the fashion in the city, and I will also devote a separate entry bicycles and cyclists, because they constitute an integral part of urban life. Amsterdam is also known as the Venice of the North, in the next posts you’ll learn why and you’ll see lots of pictures “above the water.”

Amsterdam Style

Amsterdam has its own unique charm. It is often compared to Venice, however in my opinion it has a more consistent style. The buildings are of similar height and width, but each one is different, designed and personalized in their own way. Over the entrance doors, we can often see family crests. While still impressed by the beautiful French architecture, I must say that Amsterdam is not second to Paris when it comes to beauty of the city. I would say that I even liked more some parts of Amsterdam. First of all, the city is much more clean and tidy than Paris, certainly Amstel and water channels adds a whole lot beauty and grace.


Architecture of Amsterdamu

Characteristic of the buildings is the rectangular finish of the ceilings of the buildings, which are decorated by sculptures of sandstone in the cut shape of fish, dolphins, sailing etc. Crane hooks show the ancient roots of those houses, the city was not only an important center of cultural development, but also trade. It is the income of the residents of the city that allowed the rich architectural style, which we can now admire in the streets.

The city has a very liberal attitude, unites culture, based on respect for every individual, regardless of race, nationality and religion. That is why lived and still live there so many renowned artists, musicians, painters, who can follow their own path with no worries. Many foreigners and representatives of other cultures opened their own business here; the city has a lot of restaurants and bars not only Dutch, but also Chinese, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Argentine etc. Of course, this had an impact on the appearance of the city, which varies depending on the style of the neighborhood. An interesting fact is beautiful Chinatown (once it was a very dangerous place) with the He Wa Buddhist temple in the middle.


Microsoft Lumia #MakeItHappen

Thanks to the #MakeItHappen project I had the opportunity to discover the style of Amsterdam with my own eyes and I can share my experience with you. All photos from the trip that you can see on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were made using my Microsoft Lumia smartphone, which turned out to have a great camera and I am very pleased with the results that can be achieved with its help.

In the photos below you can see the hotel at which we were staying during our staying in Amsterdam – Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone planning to visit Amsterdam. The hotel has a fitness & wellness center, a swimming pool, a sauna, and a great breakfast.

























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  2. […] love to travel. No surprise then that many of those we approached dreamed of visiting new places. Nataliia Grytsuk, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, was eager to capture the fabulous style and fashion of […]

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