Purifying and Brightening Care treatment | Happy Clinic

Purifying and Brightening Care treatment | Happy Clinic

Regular care of your skin produces very good results. For this reason if we want to look great, you should always take care of the health and condition of your skin.
Last week I was in Happy Clinic for a great treatment that perfectly lit up and took care of my skin. Below you can see in details what was done to me:




Dermabrasion – often called water microdermabrasion. Purification and peeling of the skin occurs under the influence of physiological salt under pressure individually selected to match the skin type. A physiological saline solution so popular in medicine that (often administered intravenously for dehydration) cools the skin, reduces feelings accompanying the exfoliation and it is also highly moisturizing. Exfoliation of the cornified layers of the skin perfectly refreshes tired skin and restores its radiance and beauty.



Synchroline Mandelage Peeling

  • revitalizes
  • brightens
  • smoothes
  • antibacterial
  • reduces fine wrinkles
  • eliminates irregular, superficial blemishes


For the treatment it is used a solution of mandelic acid, which is an extract of bitter almonds. The biggest advantage of this peeling is the possibility to do it at any time of the year.


Institut Esthederm deep moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid

The mask has been thoroughly massaged. I believe that regular massage of the face brings a really satisfactory results, and I am a huge fan of massages. This kind of massage can be done by ourselves in the comfort of our home.


Intensif Hyaluronic Cream

Thanks to its hygroscopic properties it retains water in the intercellular spaces, which helps to maintain proper hydration, elasticity and firmness. Additionally it supports the regeneration of the epidermis.



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