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AGklinik – 22 years of experience in aesthetic surgery

Recently, I mentioned about the casting for a new TV program, during which you could try innovative treatments in the field of aesthetic surgery. It was about a face, breast or buttocks lift using threads, laser treatment of urinary incontinence – all are painless procedures performed without the use of a scalpel. It is time to explain why the offer of the Warsaw Clinic of aesthetic medicine named AGklinik is particularly recommended. Dr Gumkowski / AGklinik First of all AGklinik is a place with a long tradition, which in the case

Luxury aesthetic surgeries without the scalpel for free at AG Klinik!

Recently I am collaborating with AG Klinik and I wanted to inform you about the possibility to have free luxury treatments based on an innovative method of aesthetic surgery WITHOUT the scalpel! It is casting for a new TV program. All the details can be found on AG Klinik web page. You will be able to try the following 6 treatments (the value of each surgery is thousands of polish zloty): happy lift – face lift