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Floral dress | Boho girl outfit

In this outfit the main role plays a very important festival trend. The sun, good music and fun were the inspiration to create this set. This adorable floral dress is a perfect basis for the “boho girl” outfit. Of course, the shoes should be more comfortable if you really want to use this look for the festival, I think I would choose classic sandals or some heavy boots. Photography    

Oriental scarves | Estonia, Tallinn

Already several people have written to me with a question whether I recommend a trip to Tallinn. I will repeat it once again officially – I highly recommend it, because it is a beautiful city with an incredible fairy-tale atmosphere. Even Paris didn’t make on me such a great impression, so I guess I have nothing to add on this subject. There will be still a separate post with photos of the city, so you will be able to see more of those lovely views. Meanwhile, I would like to say a

Aztec dress by Orsay | Street fashion

Recently, I am in love with every thing connected to boho style. I feel this style in the city air, that is why I really often like to dress this way. Anyway, as you can see in the pictures below this aztec dress is perfect for the hot summer days. It is colorful, loose and extremely comfortable. Photography      

White boho blouse by Dorothy Perkins | Street fashion

Currently, I am in sunny Estonia and I must admit that I do not have too much time on the writing and processing the images, since I’m here for business matters related to my blog. The posts of course will not be published by themselves, so before leaving I had to organize my time, so that my trip will not influence the blog. Luckily the experience working in the corporations helped me to manage it ;) White boho blouse by Dorothy Perkins I’m wearing a beautiful white boho blouse by Dorothy Perkins, which I have

Off The Shoulder Boho Blouse| Street fashion

Personally, I love a simple cut and uncomplicated style, but with the arrival of spring, I noticed that more and more often I started to reach for interesting things. This time it’s off the shoulder boho style blouse, which I have I combined with boyfriend jeans and shoes from Manila Grace. Photos        

Two white sweaters | Street fashion

White is definitely one of my favorite colors and for this styling I used the unusual combination of two sweaters. Effects can seen in the pictures below. Photography            Styling | OOTD Jeans – New Look Sweaters –