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Bomber jacket and over knee boots | Street fashion

Recently, in my Instagrami I added a few pictures with dark lipstick, which sparked a lot of interest. So I decided to create an outfit specifically for the lipstick color and probably you will be surprised by the end result. You can purchase the bomber jacket in New Look stores (careful! menswear department!), as well as the sexy and ultra-feminine over knee boots. I embellished the Kazar handbag with fur keyrings, which recently became a real hit. I think they are very charming and, in addition, they are not made of natural fur, so I took them in order

Leather bracelet by dziubeka

Leather and neon colors are now very fashionable. I love strong colors :) And I also like leather. I think that it is very important for each one of us to wear what we really like and not what everybody do because most of the people does. I have a fashion blog and I give to my looks some kind of personality. Most of the people combine neon colors with black… I combined neon with other colors instead! :D In this outfit I combined neon flat shoes and clutch with the


I would like to share with you the cool bags HO::LO which I found in their online store. In my opinion they are very original :) I must have one! HO::LO bags are in my must-have list. In the online store there are 15 cool models: memo:: humia:: laptor:: multi_2:: shopia:: mlekosha:: valdizer:: portfelio peres:: konkord:: kgo:: skaffa:: perlon_2:: memo_3:: holoknigus:: offixia:: and you can find available several hundreds of different graphical patterns. How do you like them? I’m glad I finally found some original bags. Another good news is that in HO::LO they have good discounts. It’s worth to check out the products and discounts

Romwe shorts and Toss a Penny tee

I made this look with romwe shorts and Toss a Penny tee during my holidays. You can see a big difference of light in the pictures compared to the pictures I had in Poland. Here is much more brighter, it is really beautiful and sunny. This is a summer look and it has a fashionable drawing – the American flag. The t-shirt is full of UK culture… in fact there is written “God save the Queen”. This is a good example of street fashion. The shorts are available in Romwe,

Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are one of my last dreams! The more I look at them the more I want to have them. However I decided to wait for some bigger sale, if it is possible I prefer to pay less than 200$ for a pair of shoes. These shoes are well know all around the world and I know why. They are very high, the heels are higher than 12cm, but they are designed in such a way that feet feel comfortable. These shoes are so popular because they are so