Woman in red – Luisa Spagnoli

Woman in red – Luisa Spagnoli

Welcome to this retro look! High-waisted skirts are coming back to our wardrobes as well as crinkled sleeves. I am delighted because of it, because I love this kind of clothing, especially because they are very interesting, elegant and… fantastic! Thanks to the 60s design we can gain a lot, for example we can visually improve our figure, visually extend the legs and thin the waistline. How do you like it? According to me it is a good idea to have something like that in our closets :)
In this look I used the classic combination of black and red. I think it is a perfect set to go to elegant parties. The dress,   made by the stylist and designer Luisa Spagnoli is very comfortable and the material is really nice; I appreciate that – it adds value to the whole look. I like when the outfit is not only nice, but it is also comfortable – especially in case of staying long out of home :) Take care!


Woman in red
Luisa Spagnoli
Luisa Spagnoli
Luisa Spagnoli
Luisa Spagnoli dress
Sukienka Luisa Spagnoli
Czarne buty


Dress – Luisa Spagnoli
Jewelry – Diva
Shoes-  don’t remember ;)



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