Bikes in Amsterdam | #MAKEITHAPPEN Microsoft Lumia

Bikes in Amsterdam | #MAKEITHAPPEN Microsoft Lumia

As you know Microfost Lumia brand invited me to fulfill my 2014 resolution in Amsterdam (the project name I am participating in is #MakeItHappen). There was already created one summarizing post about the course and scope of the project, you can read it here:

Today I would like to write a little more about the role of the bicycles in the city. Let’s start with the fact that bike is an integral part of the city of Amsterdam. In the literal sense of the word bikes are everywhere, standing not only near the bridges, on a specially dedicated parkings, but also on the sidewalks, next to the shops, walls, tunnels etc.

In the train and the subway there is specifically dedicated place for those traveling by bicycle, so that people can park the bike safely and do not disturb other passengers.

Personalized bikes

Very rare we could see a new shiny bike straight from the shop. Amsterdamers appreciate retro models, which have their own story to tell. Rust, scratches and any imperfections are not removed, the opposite – it seems that the bike becomes more valuable to the owner with age. Imperfect Amsterdam bikes are a pure perfection to the holder, because every bike is almost always personalized. Instead of the usual common baskets, I could see the old retro boxes for vegetables, beer and soft drinks.

The handlebar is also decorated with flowers (symbol of the city is the tulip), ribbons and stickers. Amsterdam is a conscious city. I’ve noticed that there are no traffic jams, not only because of the well-developed public transport, but also thanks to cycling. The bike is an excellent decoration of the city and at the same time a perfect urban transport.
















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