Deja vu

Deja vu

“Change your style a million times” – Dejavu Fashion debuted with this slogan on the Polish market during the October Warsaw Fashion Weekend when the Deja vu watches were presented, and as you know where I was present in that event ;) Watches immediately drew my attention to their uniqueness, elegance and style. In my life I have seen a variety of accessories and jewelry, but Deja vu  is clearly different from mass-produced goods. It is worth noting that some of the rings are hand made and hand made, as you know it’s my weakness;)The idea of these interchangeable Deja vu watches was born10 years ago by a German designer – Brigitte Gertz-Ziegler – a woman full of passion and love for what she does. The patented concept of Deja vu lets you easily and quickly adjust the watch to every outfit, style and fashion.

What so original invented the designer? What is the watch Dejavu?
To the 6 available models of watch case you can choose a watchband from the 100 available colors and sizes. Then you can match the watch case and the watchband with one of the 400 decorative rings made ​​of various materials. Change watchbands and rings when you like. Have fun with fashion, creating each time a different watch emphasizing your style and personality. Indeed, this is a revolutionary solution – buy a kit, and basically have a lot of unique watches!
Surely this is a “must have” for every Fashionista.

The price attractive ready-made kits with a watch Deja vu that are composed and matched by stylists, are a good beginning of the adventure with Deja vu. The kit consists of a watch, two strips (thin and wide) and 4 decorative rings. One set allows you to create at least 8 different combinations of the watch, cool huh? ;)

I am already thinking about presenting a kit to my mother for Christmas, I am convinced she will really love the Deja vu watches.

Probably not just her ;)

More information about the products can be found on www.dejavu



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