Duplo contest | Win a photo shooting, Guess bag & Duplo chocolate bar

Duplo contest | Win a photo shooting, Guess bag & Duplo chocolate bar

The bag is the element of a woman’s wardrobe without which, we girls cannot exist. In a woman’s handbag there are very interesting things, that talk a lot about the owner. Together with Duplo brand we have prepared for you a contest in which you can win, among other prizes a beautiful handbag by Guess. The purpose of the contest is to show the content of your bag, just like I did in this post (detailed rules for the contest can be found below).

As you can see there are a lot of prizes, so everyone has big chances to win.


  • 5 main prizes –> photo shooting + Delaney Med Classic Tote Guess bag + Duplo products;
  • 20 additional prizes –> clutch bag by GuessDuplo products.

Zasady konkursu są proste i zachęcam wszystkich chętnych do udziału, bo warto.


  1. take a picture of the bag content (as an example I added my photo here);
  2. add the photo to the following contest page: www.youtube.com/user/BatonikDuplo/KonkursBagSelfie
  3. add a creative description starting with #duplo
  4. encourage your friends on Facebook, etc. to vote.

I wish you all good luck! :)





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