Everyday makeup in 5 simple steps: how to do makeup in less than 10 minutes?

Everyday makeup in 5 simple steps: how to do makeup in less than 10 minutes?

Often I get questions from you about how my everyday makeup routine looks like, so I decided to share with you a simple yet gorgeous makeup, which I do in less than 10 minutes! I really do not like to spend too much time in front of the mirror, because I have a lot of other interesting things to do, as probably every woman.

How to do makeup in less than 10 minutes?

In my opinion, the simpler and natural the makeup is the better the girl looks like. Also entire look will be more flawless and chic. At the beginning it can take you some time to practice and to get know with the new this new way, however the more you exercise the better, easier and quicker you will get the desired result. Now for me even few minutes are enough to get ready, if I am in hurry, of course, I am skipping a few steps, which doesn’t influence the beautiful outcome. An important message, however, is that practice makes you an expert. I remember times, when I was a beginner myself and believe me I did a lot of mistakes. With a help of experts, I found the perfect way to do makeup that seems to be very elastic and suitable for each beauty type, you only need to change the color range.

Everyday makeup in 5 simple steps

My makeup is based mainly on highlighting the advantages and slight cover of the skin areas where it is needed. More and more I get convinced that nature knew what is suits us better, giving someone for example dark eyes and the same hair color. I experimented a lot in past, I was a blonde girl for some time (don’t ask me why :D) and for a long time my head was red colored, because it seemed to me that I look especially hot this way :P. Therefore, it is worth to have a really good hairdresser, with whom you will be able to check the hair colors that suits you. No surprise that the hair plays a huge role in how we look and is a part of our image as makeup, so all together can make you look even more amazing. And now a few words about the products that I use for my makeup routine: foundation in cream, loose powder, bronzer or blush, favorite lipstick, water resistible shades in cream, black shadows in powder, mascara. A very important part before we start makeup is to moisturize the skin very well, this will make our skin glow and cosmetics will be easier to apply.

      1. I’m beginning from the foundation, which I usually mix with sunscreen cream 50SPF (even in winter). I noticed that doing so, primer looks more natural on the skin and there is no mask effect. If you do not have a problematic skin, you can safely buy light foundations, no need to cover something which is already perfect ;) Previously, I was using very heavy products and that is why I also had a lot of skin problems, until I found out from my good friend, who is a makeup artist, that the best look is when the skin is just gently moisturized by the fluid! Sometimes, even in very obvious cases we need the support of an expert :)
      2. Then I move on to the eye makeup, applying to the eyelid a permanent cream shadow Tatoo 24h by Maybelline (only this shadow is so long lasting and stays there for the whole day!). With a thin angle detailer brush (you can use an eyebrow brush), I simply draw the thin black lines with a black shadow (a strong pigment needed!) on the upper eyelid and on the lower from the half or 2/3 of the lash line.
      3. The next step is to apply your favorite mascara, I do this twice, to get more dramatic effect.
      4. A good eyebrow makeup can change your entire life! And I am not kidding, it can make your face look younger and will underline the beauty of your eyes. I use a black shadow for the eyebrow makeup or an eyebrow brush or a shader brush. It is important to mark all three points of the eyebrows (beginning, elevation and the end) and the shape should gradually narrow to the outside.
      5. By applying the transparent powder I finish my makeup, often I also use a bamboo powder, it’s all natural (when applied to the face, there is a white shade that disappears in a moment). The application of blush or bronzer will define the face and it will look thinner. Recently I rarely do the lip makeup, especially in the summer I choose natural colors, but in the winter period I like to give to my looks some color and use stronger shades.

When you are in a hurry and want to save a few minutes, just skip the application of bronzer and lipstick. Anyway you will look irresistibly beautiful ;)

If you have any questions, you can feel free to write to me and I will answer your questions or maybe as always you will inspire me to write another associated with this topic post.


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