Oriental scarves & white jeans by Orsay | Tallinn

Oriental scarves & white jeans by Orsay | Tallinn

These were two unforgettable weeks full of adventures. Tallinn is a wonderful city and I’m glad that I finally have a moment to share with you some of the photos taken in the city center. I especially liked the medieval buildings that give the city a special and really unique atmosphere.

In the picture you can also see a cozy shop mainly for tourists with Estonian warm clothes. Since the weather there is definitely colder than in Poland, in the center often we can observe a lot of shops that offer hand-made thick woolen ponchos, hats and sweaters.

On the day when we did those pictures there was a beautiful sun, so I could afford to finally throw off a thick coat. To this simple set with white jeans and white Tres Chic blouse I have added those amazing oriental scarves by Orsay.

Photography Sergiofoto.pl






 Styling | OOTD

Jeans – Orsay
Scarfs – Orsay
Blouse – New Look
Moccasins – New Look
Bag – Joanna Maxham


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  1. 1) Johanka wrote:

    Hi there! I bumped into your blog by accident, as I was trying to find the scarf that youre wearing. Im from czech republic, I had just the same scarf from Orsay as you have on the photos, and I totally loved it..but it got stolen:( So im trying to find a way to buy it somewhere on the internet, but keep failing. Until I bumped into your blog. DO you happen to know what is the name of the scarf or if its possible to still buy it somewhere?? Thank you so much.. I know it sounds weird, but the scarf really meant lot to me.)) P.S. the white outfit looks great, the oriental scarf is just the right accessory to it:) Bye, Johana

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