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Aldo 2011 collection

Welcome back! I don’t know how you, but I am very happy. The weather is warm which guarantees good mood and smile for all the day long! It means that soon it will be possible to wear stylish summer shoes :) I managed to get the images from the manufacturer – Aldo shoes. I have always loved this brand. They produce high quality shoes and the price is pretty affordable. I don’t say they are cheap, but for sure not expensive. Below you can see some really interesting models… and you can choose one for you :))) How

Guess corset-dress

I love dresses, especially the more interesting ones… those that have something more. To say the truth also classic dresses look very pretty if they are well matched and fit the body in the right way. However here I present you this dress from Guess. It is very comfortable and thanks to the laces in both sides it can match every body shape. I thought long whether to buy it (I bought it one year ago), because it was somewhat expensive, even though there was 30% discount. But I really like this shape,

Weekend outfit

Finally the weather is starting to be warmer and I can wear my pink coat, which I ordered from China. I remember that it costed around 25zł / 7$, for this reason I couldn’t resist and I ordered 9 additional items because the shipping was not to cheap. The shipping was the only expensive thing, all the rest – clothes – were really cheap. What about my weekend outfit….  pink coat, long black sweater, classic blue jeans, black bag and boots. Once again really straight forward and comfortable.