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Nude color Asos dress

As every girl surely does, I love remarkable dresses. This dress from Asos is very interesting and original. The color is one of the hit of this season – nude. I like flesh-colored dresses, especially because they create a nice color contrast with strong neon colors such as red, green and orange. Few days ago I was in my friend’s wedding and I had this dress on, with a red jacket and diva jewelry. I received a lot of compliments for my appearance. Asos dresses nice and the price of this one was 70% lower than the original catalog price.

Romwe bad and top Quontum

This look is unusual if you compare it with my previous ones. The golden top is from Quontum. I combined it with the black sporty top from Gatta. The shoes are from Asos. A good match is the two colors bag from Romwe. All the jewelry in this look is from Diva.

Bag H&M

Finally I can wear these leggings with my leather jacket ;) I also added this nice tunic, which I think I will wear as a dress during warmer days :D This outfit is somewhat darker than my previous ones and to give some color I added this neon yellow clutch. How do you like it? I love it so much :)

Red Jacket Bershka

Helloo :D This outfit is  very colorful and it is so positive that makes me smile. I like experimenting with colors… very cool combinations are the result. Enjoy it! :)

Romwe skirt

My loves! Today I have for you a youth outfit. I think it is worth to dress like this sometimes so that we can feel like teenagers ;) I’ll tell you that I felt very well in this outfit. The light airy skirt was bought in Romwe, which in fact I love for its originality (I’m gonna write what exactly I like the most) and ideally matched to my figure and I ordered it online (you know, without trying it on I was a little scared). Well, but I loveto buy “remotely” – the internet with this and many other reasons is brilliant! I didn’t think so much about what wearing on the top, I found just a simple black t-shirt, which surely every

Asos dress

My dear friends, here is a dress from Asos! Today is so hot and I have prepared this light and fresh outfit. I like airy dresses – they are a good solution for these heats. You have already seen the Asos boots, so I won’t say anything more about them, apart from one little detail – this time you can see them from one side (as requested from one of my readers). I can even tell you that two dresses from Asos (bought with 70% sale) are awaiting