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SKEYNDOR treatment with vitamin C | Beauty Post

I do care about my skin and I like how it looks, as you know I regularly go to some treatments to Happy Clinic, to keep a natural beauty for longer. I always get a lot of questions from you about treatments and what are the results, so I will try to describe each treatment in more details. This time I have tried an excellent treatment based on vitamin C.I have already mentioned on the blog that I use at home also a vitamin C serum with a moisturizing

Rimmel contest | Win a ticket to the Lenny Kravitz concert

Hello Guys! I have a great news for you. The Rimmel brand is organizing a contest on Instagram, where you can easily win great prizes. I admit that I have always liked thelipsticks of this brand, my favorite shade is # 20 of Lasting Finish by Kate. A favorite Rimmel cosmetic will be useful to you in the competition. The shade by Kate Moss can be seen on the pictures below, I really like the texture and natural color of this product, which lasts for a whole day.  

Chemo-exfoliation or chemical peeling for the feet

After the long winter our skin is usually dry and needs regeneration. Instead of three pedicure you can do only one treatment that regenerates the skin and brings even better results. Chemo-exfoliation or chemical peeling Chemical exfoliation is a two-stage regenerating treatment, which consists of: the Pre Peel Accelerator masc and the Smoothing Body Peel scrub. Step by step of how to achieve a smooth feet:  mask consisting of malic acid and urea, deeply moisturize and maintain a constant level of skin hydration; peeling which consists of combined ingredients like exfoliating peel and smooth

Institut Esthederm Paris cosmetics and treatments presentation at Happy Clinic

Last week I had the honor to participate in a fantastic beauty event organized by Happy Clinic. Ladies could look closer at Institut Esthederm Paris cosmetics, which come from France and are known by best quality and high efficiency. The effects are visible immediately and the effect is long-lasting in oder to protect the beauty and youthfulness of the skin for long years. During the event, we could try beauty treatments using above mentioned products. The brand proves that youth is a biological process which can be re- learned