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Charms by dziubeka

Few days are left to my return to Poland. I am happy that when I’ll come back, I’ll bring with me a lot of great memories about the great time I spent these holidays. Here I am going to show you some photos from my holidays, I am sure I will show you some other photos, but not all together :)) Here I have the Quontum dress and the two color bracelet by dziubeka.

Leather bracelet by dziubeka

Leather and neon colors are now very fashionable. I love strong colors :) And I also like leather. I think that it is very important for each one of us to wear what we really like and not what everybody do because most of the people does. I have a fashion blog and I give to my looks some kind of personality. Most of the people combine neon colors with black… I combined neon with other colors instead! :D In this outfit I combined neon flat shoes and clutch with the