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Today I’ll show you my new Burberry shirt from The colors are divine! I like loose stuff, which combine simplicity with elegance. Well, the entire set is pretty one. Zegarek Różowa krata <3 No jak że bez Hunterów? ;)


From the last contest on the blog I learned that many girls need high Sequin boots for thir full happiness. These are hiper tall and nice. Caramel color fits beautifully the Romwe coat in a similar shade. Shoes are not modest, the same for the coat. Additional 15cm height and short skirt look  fantastic together. Did you notice the Jelly Watch? Red nicely presents with bronze color. What’s more I have red Toledo earrings. The same has one my very cool friend;)

Best friend

Who is your best friend? The one you can entrust all of your most precious things, go for a walk with and throw the cell phone to her when irritated against “that great guy”? Such a precious friend is… my handbag. Beautiful, handy, it doesn’t talk too much, and it is always faithful and ready to serve at any time. In this set my friend is the bag. I adore the texture and its form. The Mustang boots are an interesting proposal for the cold weather, which look very feminine and protect