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ECO leather is cool

Since I became a vegetarian I found out that it is very hard to find shoes and clothing made ​​of non-animal leather. Yesterday I was looking for designers who have in their kolekacjach products “friendly” to the animals. What did I learn? Certainly Stella McCartney creates vegan clothing. And this is bad news, because Stella is unfortunately the only one among the “great” designers that promotes this kind of lifestyle. At least this is the info I found on Google, if you know anything more about it let me know. :) Thus, all

A perfect briefcase for work

This time a short post, please understand it :) I have tight deadlines and so many things to do, next time will put a full-text post ;) I am adding here some pics… btw. I had a great time during this photo shoot, I like to fool around – it’s somewhat a proof that you do not need to take fashion seriously, but try to spend time well)))