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It’s a great couple ;)

Do they look  fabulous together? I wonder what you think about them… I think Quontum dress and Romwe vest fit together very well :D The vest is more warm than you can immagine, well… it is a vest and for this reason I had to find something warm for my arms.  And so… Here they are! The Novamoda warmers are exteremely warm, I love them so much! :) In that day I had to walk for a long time, that is

Charms by dziubeka

Few days are left to my return to Poland. I am happy that when I’ll come back, I’ll bring with me a lot of great memories about the great time I spent these holidays. Here I am going to show you some photos from my holidays, I am sure I will show you some other photos, but not all together :)) Here I have the Quontum dress and the two color bracelet by dziubeka.

Evening in the city – diva event part 2

In the event Photo Shoot diva  we had to prepare an evening outfit for young girls. I opted for an interesting dress branded Quontum. I think that it is very beautiful and original. What do you think about it? Do you also like the color stripes in the back? You can get it in the English shop Quontum, it looks like that the collections there change fast, so if you like something in their shop I suggest you to take a fast decision :) What about the jewelry.