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If I won’t go to Spain then…

If I don’t go to Spain, Spain will come to me :) When I was prepearing this outfit, I did not think that will come out something like that. I bought a red dress which fits black patterned tights and the result is what you see… A loose outfit luscious colors. The Aimeedu dress has a very comfortable fit, you don’t even feel it on yourself … I do not know whether this is an advantage or disadvantage :)

Facebook connected us

I think many of you are communicating on Facebook with other people which you do not know in real life and which probably you won’t ever meet. So whenever I have the opportunity to meet new interesting people full of positive energy I don’t think twice. This time it was TOTALLY SPONTANEOUS – no plans for publishing on the blog any unusual session or styling somebody else. By the way, questions such as: “Can a model stand next to me in the pictures?” “may be some other girl?” “Or maybe I’ll