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Enjoying my makeup

As you know I prefer to be natural, I prefer a very light and natural makeup, however I have received many comments from you saying that it would be a good idea to experiment with the make-up.  In this post you can see what I did :) Orange lips, olive color eye shadows and my beloved maskara.  It would be nice to know what you think about it, I know that withing my fans there are also make-up artits :) In the outfit we can see beige pants – this season hit, orange t-shirt

Loose pants H&M

In Warsaw the weather is warm; today it was actually very hot. For this reason I decided to wear something fresh. It’s nice to see that in the shops it is easy to find really cool clothes made from loose  and light materials. These pansts H&M are to me ideal, they are very comfortable and in addition their price is really cheap. I can say that this purchase is a very successful one! Write what you think about this season’s hit, which is airy, high-waisted pants! Waiting for your comments…