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NotJustShop T-shirt

What about my outfit…. today I am wearing the t-shirt from NotJustShop. To this t-shirt in my opinion the bag Farbotka is a good choice :)

Luuluu shoes

Here is…. muffin! What did you have today for dessert? Here is my muffin-brooch… pity that I couldn’t eat it, even though it looks really tasty ^_^ You can order this hand-made brooch from Muffinek, there are many different colors and many different interesting hand-made accessories. And what about the military style boots? I found them in the online store Luuluu. I think they are feminine, but not too sweet. Ultimately I am taking care about equilibrium and I don’t want to exaggerate making the outfits too sweet. The

Handmade bag by Farbotka

As every girl does, I like original and unique things… I love clothes, footwear, bags and jewelry that is unique and there are no other pieces in the world that are the same as the one I have. The bag that you see in the pictures below is unique because it is fully hand made by the designer, the founder of the Farbotka brand. In Farbotka’s collection you can find bags, bags for laptops, jewelry and even mirrors! The designer has a very big choice in models, patterns