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Sustainable Jewellery by Alama | OOTD

LAMA is a culture-to-wear label created by our team of skilled Maasai artisans. You can support the Maasai tribe of Northern Tanzania and celebrate their one-of-a-kind culture by buying one of our hand-crafted jewelry pieces. All revenues go back to support the charitable programs of Africa Amini Alama, a non-governmental organization which improves the living conditions of the Maasai and Meru tribes of Northern Tanzania. Photography      


I would like to share with you the cool bags HO::LO which I found in their online store. In my opinion they are very original :) I must have one! HO::LO bags are in my must-have list. In the online store there are 15 cool models: memo:: humia:: laptor:: multi_2:: shopia:: mlekosha:: valdizer:: portfelio peres:: konkord:: kgo:: skaffa:: perlon_2:: memo_3:: holoknigus:: offixia:: and you can find available several hundreds of different graphical patterns. How do you like them? I’m glad I finally found some original bags. Another good news is that in HO::LO they have good discounts. It’s worth to check out the products and discounts

Asos dresses

Welcome to my fashion blog! The topic of today’s post is – dresses from Asos. Despite the fact that it is always difficult to select a remarkable and original dress, I decided to share my recent updates in this topic. The problem disappears because there is Asos. Generally speaking, dresses is something I really love, probably because with a dress there is no such a big need to think about what to wear on top and at the bottom. :) While looking at the Asos web site the problem is now another. There are so many beautiful dresses and it is really difficult to choose. I’ve never had