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Must Have for Spring

Wondering what should be in every woman’s purse this spring? Spring means awakening, getting rid of old things and join the new spring-summer season with new powers. I decided I need to start with new headphones. Apparently we all move according to our own rhythm, and in order to well hear it and live it, it is very important to have good quality equipment. Recently I like Jessie J. and Aura Dione’s songs, so the headphones can help to keep the good mood during the day allowing me to listen to

A perfect briefcase for work

This time a short post, please understand it :) I have tight deadlines and so many things to do, next time will put a full-text post ;) I am adding here some pics… btw. I had a great time during this photo shoot, I like to fool around – it’s somewhat a proof that you do not need to take fashion seriously, but try to spend time well)))