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The Western style dominated

Do you like Texas? This look reminds me the crazy style in that USA state. What do you think of hats worn together with Mustang boots? The Hathat hat ;) has a great color and in addition it is very warm. Don’t be scared, the photos were taken long time ago. I am not one of those who is ready to freeze for a beautiful session in the cold :)When thinking about the Mustang brand I have strong fondness for it, because in this shop in Kiev my mom bought me my first “designer” jeans. I still remember how high was my was happieness…

Bag(g)in Love

Quick shots close to my home ;) I love hats, even if I do not have many of them. What do you think about wearing hats on a daily basis? This one from HatHat is very nice, I love everything in it – form, style and the details. As you can see, I had with me a bag . I have just noticed that the pattern on the bag fits ideally the one on the  Deja vu watch. Hm…  did not even know that the final effect could be so nice. I fell in love with my watch, it is so great and fits everything. Golden is definitely my color, recently I am


They are so beautiful that I can’t stop looking at them. Obviously I am not talking about Hollywood stars, but about the most autentic ones, those decorating our sky. The brilliance of silver and gold is still present in the fashion world. I obtained this effect thanks to the shiny stardust of Tightsplease tights. An excellent addition to this outfit is the silver hue bag. Did I forget something? Yes… I am wearing the amazing hat from Hathat, which is perfectly matched with the McArthur shoes.