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Black and white stripes | Orsay & Manila Grace

This black and white look is complemented with green classic high heels from Manila Grace. In this set the main role plays the horizontal and vertical black and white stripes. Outfit | OOTD Pants – Orsay Blouse – Orsay Coat – Manila Grace Shoes –

Black & white outfit | New Look

This black & white outfit consists of white simple skirt, check top in black and white, monochrome high heels by Centro and oversize Orsay blazer. From the accessories I have chosen Solano polarized sunglasses, the last mentioned feature is very important for your eye health. This set is as always very simple in black and white … I will always love those colors.      Outfit | OOTD Skirt –

Black & white OOTD | Orsay

These skirt, top and jacket are from the newest Orsay collection. Flared skirt is made ​​of a high quality cotton, which does not crease and has a nice heavy fabric. As for the whole set, I wear a simple black and white top and interesting shoes from Italian family brand Planisphere. How do you like this black & white outfit?      

Fashion shoes for summer | Nike Roshe Run, Vagabond, Casadei, Calvin Klein, Vans …

Here I’d like to show you a list of shoes that really I could find in my closet. There’s a nice weather outside and summer will soon welcome us, and because of that I decided to write a little post about fashion in spring/summer 2014. This time I write about shoes. As you know I love all that is classic, however when it comes to shoes, I think they can be more ‘crazy’. I really value original designs as well as comfort wearing them. Vagabond, Casadei, Calvin Klein, Hogl, Nike,