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Business casual OOTD with white suit| Orsay & Centro

White costume comes from Orsay collection called business look. I appreciate a lot good quality materials from which the clothes are sewn, which guarantees comfort while wearing it. Orsay offers perect quality stuff at good prices. I must admit that I have very few basic things in the closet, so I have chosen a black classic top that will fit everything. For this black & white outfit I have chosen very comfortable Centro shoes. The necklace is from Mykpyk, because it fits my shoes perfectly.

Lelestyle – cool clothes for a funny price

I really got a shock, when I was surfing and I saw the price 14.90PLN (~5$) for a pair of pants, very beautiful pants!!! My loves, I give you the possibility to check it out by your own whether these are things worth attention. I am going to post here some example of pictures and I hope that it will be useful for you. I am curious to know what you think about the prices and how they look. I am very surprised.