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All black everything | Street fashion 02.18.2015

The sun visited Poland again. In these pictures I managed to capture a bit of sunshine and although the conditions for the session were quite difficult. Mainly due to the harsh light directed into the eyes, we were able to make some nice shots. All black everything styling is perfect for the every day, a week ago I could go out dressed like this, but now it is far too cold for this dress. The black Dorothy Perkins dress is adorable due to its simplicity and interesting asymmetric bottom. I have

All black everything styling | Joanna Maxham handbag

Here we have an example of how to make the black outfit interesting and that black does not have to be boring at all. I love the All black everything styling, because it’s definitely preferred color in my wardrobe. And do you like to wear black? How do you wear it? Photos┬á