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Nude color Asos dress

As every girl surely does, I love remarkable dresses. This dress from Asos is very interesting and original. The color is one of the hit of this season – nude. I like flesh-colored dresses, especially because they create a nice color contrast with strong neon colors such as red, green and orange. Few days ago I was in my friend’s wedding and I had this dress on, with a red jacket and diva jewelry. I received a lot of compliments for my appearance. Asos dresses nice and the price of this one was 70% lower than the original catalog price.

Butterfly ring

Here I have a light evening outfit for you. It is a very straight forward one. In order to give this look some more color I added this butterfly ring from… in this shop I found many other interesting accessories :) Check em out :)

Coral dress Zoul

The red dress in this outfit comes from Sweden. I bought it in Stockholm long time ago. I like it so much and when there is some special event I wear it with pleasure. It is very comfortable, however sometimes it can jump up ^_^ but the most important is that it happens very slowly and it doesn’t disturb :D Soooo, it is OK :)

Melissa wedges

I am sure you have already seen my wedges Melissa in my previous post, however until now they haven’t been yet the main item of my outfit. This time they are. In this outfit I am wearing these beige wedges, which material has a very tasty fragrance – the Brazilian producer had a great idea. They may not look comfortable, but they are! I was surprised that such kind of high wedges can be so comfortable and it is possible to walk for kilometers without any

Loose pants H&M

In Warsaw the weather is warm; today it was actually very hot. For this reason I decided to wear something fresh. It’s nice to see that in the shops it is easy to find really cool clothes made from loose  and light materials. These pansts H&M are to me ideal, they are very comfortable and in addition their price is really cheap. I can say that this purchase is a very successful one! Write what you think about this season’s hit, which is airy, high-waisted pants! Waiting for your comments…