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Missing Johnny & Reebok

Do you like to dress comfortable and at the same time to look feminine? I do for sure! The photos below show a colorful outfit, very hot and comfortable. Although I love heels, I also love boots of any kind. I found these in Butyk. I like to buy at online stores. Recently, a colleague from work asked me how I can order clothes from the internet, without trying them first and being sure that the size will fit the body. The answer was – I don’t know, but it is always good :) I really like shopping online, it’s funny. And it is

Missing Johnny dress

Here I am to show you my newest outfit. Lastly it’s somehow cold outside, for this reason I am wearing a jacket as well. You know already that I love dresses, and this time I have chosen a dress from Spain – the brand is Missing Johnny. It is a very original dress, the top is cotton and bottom is jeans. Heavy bottom and light top – that’s fantastic. The two parts of the dress are connected with a glitter black belt, wow! I had this dress