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Boho chic outfit | Orsay

This session is unique because it was made by another photographer than usual. You know how it is – everyone has a different perspective on the world, so when I got an offer from Karo, in order to create something together, I did agree. In fact, it’s completely different, different framing, coloring and equipment, so that the session has a unique character, and I am really happy with the results.   Photos: Karolina Czamarska    

Black slit maxi dress | Street fashion

Probably every girl has in her wardrobe a simple black maxi dress. Mine is very classic, I combined it with the aztec jacket and heavy sandals. I wear these shoes literally all the time, their are so comfortable and suit my style perfectly. Photography          

Denim look with a striped top| Sunset

Sunset is the perfect time to capture the incredibly beautiful light on the pictures. Of course, it involves the necessity of waiting for the right moment, but I believe that patience pays off. I must admit that I am very pleased with the results of this photo shoot. Not only the light is perfect, but I also like the relaxed atmosphere. By the way, the simple outfit makes the best impression in my opinion. I hope that this striped top by New Look will also appear in other colors, because it’s

Light & me | Dwór Zbożenna

The tulle curtains for sure give a lot of charm to the interiors and in addition they look great on photos. These photos were taken in one of the beautiful rooms in Dwór Zbożenna. I especially like how we were able to capture colors and light & shade. Photos        

Black set by Marlies Dekkers | Luxury lingerie

Well-chosen lingerie can do real miracles. Lastly I was able to find the perfect set by Marlies Dekkers. This is a very well-known Dutch brand of the luxury underwear, one of its big fans is Sarah Jessica Parker. In addition this underwear is not only very comfortable to wear but has a very unique design and it is not about many layers of different laces. On the contrary the manufacturer selects classic colors and minimal designs in the form of thin strips. Personally I have chosen a more rock set, as you can

Simple outfit. White dress [Sardinia]

Finally I have found the perfect white dress. Unfortunately simple pieces are difficult to find and I love to have basic things in the closet as simple as possible. In any case, in this post I not only wanted to show you this dress, but also a beautiful town called Tortoli, which is located in Sardinia. I think you will like it as much as the outfit. Photography Place of the photo shoot: Italy, Sardinia, Tortoli