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Bamboo Stylus

And the May long weekend is here … And because I have a lot more time I finally had a chance to try the Bamboo Stylus. The upside is a very modern design, so it’s nice complement to the gadget lovers to which I fully qualify. In addition to the design, the Bamboo Stylus allows for accurate “touches”, here I want to emphasize the ease of use of the touch screen displays … I know from experience and I frankly admit it, the finger does not always goes where it

Rajmarek Indie Style

I’ve just returned from Kiev to Warsaw and on Monday I’ll re-start my usual 9-hours working shift closed in the office. To dispel the gray of the horizon this outfit is very colorful, I assume that you do not often see me in this look? ;) Well, I really like the final result. I usually reach to colors when seasons change, so this is now. The tunic is very loose, so I decided to put a somewhat different bottom in order to reder the legs more visible. It’s imporatnt to note