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Red jumpsuit | Dorothy Perkins

I absolutely adore the classic and chic look, this time I’m wearing a red jumpsuit with black heels by Dorothy Perkins. As an accessory I have chosen the minimalistic heart necklace from By Dziubeka. This set would be incomplete  without the red lipstick. How do you like the classic look? Photography          

It’s a great couple ;)

Do they look  fabulous together? I wonder what you think about them… I think Quontum dress and Romwe vest fit together very well :D The vest is more warm than you can immagine, well… it is a vest and for this reason I had to find something warm for my arms.  And so… Here they are! The Novamoda warmers are exteremely warm, I love them so much! :) In that day I had to walk for a long time, that is