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HeelCondoms on Styleup shoes

Hello :) Today I would like to show you an extraordinary add-on for your beloved heels. It is called Heel Condoms. I fell in love the first time I saw them on the HeelCondoms website. They are amazing! They can turn your ordinary heels into something magic. Your old heels will turn into something completely new. Everybody will surely think you got brand new amazing heels XD. Isn’t it nice? What do you think about the Heel Condoms? Look at the

Black leather and ZARA vest

I think it’s good time to show you my beloved vest from Zara :) I ordered it from Romwe and I didn’t even know it is branded Zara, I discovered it when I took a look at the label. I didn’t know that in Romwe it is possible to find clothes from such brands, and now I am sure that in their offer they have products from other cool brands.

Toss A Penny t-shirt

Once again some pics from my holidays. It is so nice to recall the summer time. Nevertheless I am happy that the new season as arrived, in all and everything there is something good. The t-shirt in the picture is from  Toss a Penny and the skirt… you know – Romwe :D

Red dress

Kochane! W związku z piękną pogodą, która mnie ostatnio bardzo cieszy, ubrałam jedną ze swoich ulubionych sukienek, którą możecie zobaczyć na zdjęciach. Kupiłam ją we Włoszech, jak zwykle na wyprzedaży. Lubię Włochy – zawsze tam się udaje znaleźć coś fajnego za małą cenę. Koturny też zresztą moje ulubione są firmy Melissa.

Diva jewelry

Ultimately I started to love jewelry very much and I started to use it more often and you can see it in my photos. I like jewelry gold and silver as well, I also like pendants with watches with are very original. All the accessories that you can see in the photos are from Diva. The collections there change very often which I think is a good thing. Another good thing about Diva is the price of the jewelry, they are not expensive… I like it! I