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Bzik – Dolls Kill

This time I wanted to show you a beautiful sweater from Do you love loose style just like me? I believe that such a look is amazing for each figure. It’s so fine, that there are people with brilliant ideas to create exclusive clothes ;) Worth mentioning is the stylish Deja vu watch – again in a completely different version. I am glad that one set allows me to create many combinations of style and color (I will show you mine for sure in the nearest future). The classic version of

Boots Styleup

My loves! I would like to show you my new boots from Styleup. I always thought they are so cool, however when I saw this model – I totally fell in love! ;) In my opinion they are awesome and their style is stunning … what do you think about them? Hot or what? :) Lately I love to wear oversize sweaters … hehe I am sure you noticed it :), which are so comfortable and look adorable. Glasses are from Novamoda, how do like

Jacket Romwe

In this post I would like to show you the jacket from Romwe, which I love for its originality. The jewelry here is diva, it’s so beautiful. I like how jewels look like on the red background. I also love to combine the red color with black – you can see it in my outfit. I needed a red top in my look and luckily I had the top Reebok (to be sincere this top is a piece of the blouse I showed you in my previous look).

HeelCondoms on Styleup shoes

Hello :) Today I would like to show you an extraordinary add-on for your beloved heels. It is called Heel Condoms. I fell in love the first time I saw them on the HeelCondoms website. They are amazing! They can turn your ordinary heels into something magic. Your old heels will turn into something completely new. Everybody will surely think you got brand new amazing heels XD. Isn’t it nice? What do you think about the Heel Condoms? Look at the

Golden heels Styleup

My Loves! This time a black look ;) Gold heels come from Styleup and luckily are very comfortable, for that reason I run on my heels all day long :D The top has been bought in Gatta. I like it so much especially because it fits well with all the clothes. What about the bag? You know the bag for sure, I had it in many looks… hehe yes, also the bag fits everything :) I spent a wonderful weekend, pity that it’s almost time to go

Black lipstick Lime Crime and heels Styleup

My dear friends, as I promised I will show you how the Lime Crime lipsticks look like in my lips. here is the first outfit I made with the Styletto lipstick from Lime Crime. Earlier I wouldn’t paint my lips with this color, but the deeper you enter the fashion world, the more you become open to new ideas. Ideas that once were crazy, now seem to me to be down right brilliant. When it comes to my outfit…the scarf can be purchased in the store Gatta, as you probably know already it is from the collection of Joanna Horodyńska. The shoes are from Styleup. Even though the