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Seart Bedroom – luxurious minimalism

I decided to arrange the apartment in minimalist interior decor. It is worth noting the importance of the colors of the individual elements. Bedrooms should be cozy. You’ve already seen what effect can be achieved through the proper beds with beautiful decorations, bed throw and pillows. But this time you can see the how the bedroom looks like right now. I am very pleased with the perfectly smooth white walls, where you can see the contrasting orange sockets and switches from Bticino. They are quite expensive, but at the same time they

Mini from TB Sport

Hmmm… lately from my posts you can think you may think that I’m crazy about mini dresses, but it is not entirely true. Unless it comes to those with TB Sport;) I really love the glasses of various shapes and colors. Lipsticks are an inseparabke part of my crazy world :) As you know, Lime Crime is my number 1 when it comes to color cosmetics. Once again… I amconvinced that from the United States we can purchase the best cosmetics, not necessarily well-known brand in

Golden autumn

It’s already the fourth day of the December! I decided to dedicate this post to the beautiful golden autumn, which already ended,  but astronomically it is still with us. The Shiny Sequin heels and the Retrofuturo jacket with golden leaves fit together perfectly. Warm colors can brighten up a gray day, that is why in the cold time of the year I often reach for this kind of sets. Navy blue pants … Well, it’s classic, especially in such a brilliant performance as has


Travelling is very relaxing, it allows me to forget about my daily duties and to feel free from everything and everyone. I am not travelling so often, however I would like to change it in the nearest future. London is full of well dressed people and it makes me feel that they prefer to refuse the strong traditionalism of the British capital. I have chosen the Romwe sweater not because I adore the Great Britain (even though I do). But because of the color of the flag

Leaves rain

I love autumn! Living in a big city full of cement makes you miss the beauty of the nature, so this time I decided to find some pice of nature in the city. You can see the effect on the pictures below, isn’t awesome? Nature can be a source of inspiration for everyone, it gives the energy to be stronger and helps us to find the real beauty in our lives. The jellow background was perfect for the stylization. To add more contrast I decided to to put on the black

Band or cap?

When I was a child I didn’t like caps of any kind, it always took a lot of time for me to put it on and I always tried to run away from my cap :D I even do not remember why it was like this, any way in this look you don’t see any cap ;) However I will show you a band, which I simply adore. Take a look at the big and awesome Alefajnatorebka bag I have on the pics, isn’t it cool?