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And today rapaciously. As you noticed I like simplicity, combined with an interesting typeface or crazy accessories … I noticed that I love cat patterns. Surely you know that on Saturday I adopted a female cat from the animal shelter. Better not ask me how I called it. When I was with her at the vet, I wer asked her name 5 times: D Well my fantasy has no limits :) I decided that I love animals, just a pity that the cat is not a vegetarian, but it has

Aimee du in the middle of nowhere

A very light spring outfit … Sometimes we feel like we want escape from the entire world and delve into our own thoughts. This outfit blows in thoughts and simplicity combined with elegance. The Aimee du creation reminds me of all these emotions at once. Clssic Aviators aonce again in a new look. More and more I am convinced that exist glasses that fit everything in the wardrobe.

Warsaw Fashion Weekend April 2012

The April Warsaw Fashion Weekend event took place this weekend. This event was supported not only by the nice weather, but also many nice people. I helped Deja vu in the lottery drawing.There were three sets to give away. You can see it all in the video below. I has been a long time since I was on the scene, maybe from school, but it went pretty well. I got used stand on the stage and it was already time to get down … :) And that’s because so much was

Trash Maniac

Trash rocks :) I will share with you the news about a young but strong clothing brand. Trash is POWER! Elements with eco leather combined with crazy prints – the designer successfully merged dreams with the reality. It’s not about ordinary clothes. I do not know, what do you feel while you look at these miracles, but I want to wear them immediately. It is not surprising, cuz you can’t find these clothes anywhere else. Why people go crazy for Zara, when have real stuff to wear. OK it is the