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Toss A Penny t-shirt

Once again some pics from my holidays. It is so nice to recall the summer time. Nevertheless I am happy that the new season as arrived, in all and everything there is something good. The t-shirt in the picture is from  Toss a Penny and the skirt… you know – Romwe :D

Romwe shorts and Toss a Penny tee

I made this look with romwe shorts and Toss a Penny tee during my holidays. You can see a big difference of light in the pictures compared to the pictures I had in Poland. Here is much more brighter, it is really beautiful and sunny. This is a summer look and it has a fashionable drawing – the American flag. The t-shirt is full of UK culture… in fact there is written “God save the Queen”. This is a good example of street fashion. The shorts are available in Romwe,