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Marie Hell Dare dress | Street fashion

Hello lovely people! Today I have for you usual styling, but certainly with an unusual dress. It is a little black dress, which every woman dreams to have and by the way this is Dare Dress by Marie Hell. The post is sponsored by the brand. If someone is looking for a good quality dress, I would highly recommend Marie Hell Dare Dress. One little note – this dress is intended for colder days because of the thick material. Photography

ZARA pants | Street fashion

After I started being a fitness girl and do sports very intensively, obviously my style changed a bit. Now it is more sporty and casual and I started to like ZARA clothes, because there are a lot of things that emphasize my feminine shapes. Photography        

Trash Maniac

Trash rocks :) I will share with you the news about a young but strong clothing brand. Trash is POWER! Elements with eco leather combined with crazy prints – the designer successfully merged dreams with the reality. It’s not about ordinary clothes. I do not know, what do you feel while you look at these miracles, but I want to wear them immediately. It is not surprising, cuz you can’t find these clothes anywhere else. Why people go crazy for Zara, when have real stuff to wear. OK it is the