A charming afternoon at Coffee Company | Amsterdam

A charming afternoon at Coffee Company | Amsterdam

If you ever go to Amsterdam, then I should warn you that it will be hard to find a really good coffee. I think the main reason for this phenomenon is that Amsterdamers do not like coffee so much, that is why there is only few good places to drink a good coffee. I got to try cappuccino and espresso in few places and each time the taste and aroma didn’t remind me my favorite beverage. I dedicated this post to all connoisseurs and fans of good coffee, I hope that a few sentences about my experience, will help you to verify the quality of the coffee in the Netherlands on your own. Of course, I look forward to your comments, if you know other cool cafe in Amsterdam.

Coffee Company – best coffee in the city

Frequently the coffee tasted burnt and was too bitter. You can enjoy a good cup of coffee at Coffee Company, where there is also Wi Fi available for customers (especially important for me because of Microsoft Lumia #MakeItHappen project ;) The title “best” suggests only my subjective impression. Perhaps you can find a better coffee in Amsterdam, at that time I found this place and I was very happy with it.

The cafe is decorated in a good simple style, especially I liked the wooden tables and simple Scandinavian accessories. For my journey I decided not to take a laptop, but instead I used all the time the Microsoft Lumia device. In previous posts I mentioned that it has a great camera and a simple Windows menu, so that I could blog in a very comfortable way.

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  1. 1) Anouk wrote:

    As an amsterdammer I can assure you we love coffee and there are thousands of coffee places around the city. CC is good, but do also try de koffiesalon, for example on the utrechtse straat. Well the list goes on and on ;)

    • 2) wrote:

      Thanks for this information, I will try de koffiesalon next time :) I believe there a are a lot of coffee places, however that was my feeling when I compare the amount in Amsterdam and Warsaw as a tourist. Come to Warsaw and see what does it mean to have really a lot of coffee places. They are really in every corner (and between the corners too).

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