Absolut Midsommar 2017 | Sweden Ahus

Absolut Midsommar 2017 | Sweden Ahus

Last weekend I had the privilege to visit beautiful Sweden, namely a place called Åhus. Every year there is the famous Midsommar festival with the Absolut brand.

I had the opportunity to be in Sweden before, but I can’t remember such a cool event. The people who came there, as you can see on the pictures, have an extremely positive energy inside and outside, they spread the happy vibes all around and inner peace, so staying in such a nice group was very pleasant and relaxing for me.

The festival had place on 23 – 25th of June 2017 and the event was attended by a multitude of international artists. The program was very rich – you could pick up from the range of possibilities – morning yoga classes, dance classes, a nice afternoon spent on Swedish games, or even Tarot cards reading. From the evening till late night on the satge there were various bands and artists, or dance groups.

On Saturday, there was a lunch with the Absolut brand with a white dress code. At lunch I was kidnapped by two sexy guys from Sweden and it was a form of game, where I needed to ask myself some questions that are somehow important to me, then pull out a rune card and shoot the bow. Surprisingly, I even managed to hit the red area so I was proud of myself! :D

The best performance I will remember for all my life was by Zebra Katz, who grabed the stage in the club space. I had a great time and it was a pity that I was going to return to Poland on Sunday.

More pictures can be found on my Facebooku and Instagram.

Photography Roberto Chamorro
















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