Casual outfit | Tour Eiffel, Paris

Casual outfit | Tour Eiffel, Paris

I always appreciated very comfortable wear, in addition during the winter time I feel always freezing, so warm clothes are my best friends. In winter, when the temperature outside does not make us too happy, I have to dress up to feel comfortable. Since we planned a trip to Paris in December, I took care to prepare and bring with me the right things – comfortable and warm. I highly recommend you all a trip to Paris in December, this way you will surely feel a real festive atmosphere. I think that Paris before Christmas is extremely wonderful and magical.

Weather in Paris was as predicted quite cold. I always wore a hat, gloves and a warm coat. Without a sweater I did not move out of the hotel in order to explore the city with comfort. In the winter period it is worth to pack to our suitcase a few warm sweaters. I guarantee that you will not regret.

Photos were done near the Eiffel Tower in the evening. Paris is famous for its beautiful night lighting and is known as the city of lights.





Outfit | OOTD

Jeans – Dorothy Perkins
Sweater – Orsay
Hat, gloves – Orsay
Shoes – Vagabond
Coat – Orsay


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