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10 things I love about Paris | Travels

I was in Paris during the holiday season, on this time of the year the city seemed even more magical than usual. I’ll talk about 10 things that caught my attention during my trip, but also just about curiosities, which I wanted to share with you. Of course I am sure, that you have your own opinion and I will be glad if you will share your thoughts on the city, which collects the crowd of tourists every year. While walking through the streets of Paris, you can not notice its beautiful architecture.

Canon Pixma iP8720 Wireless Inkjet Photo Printer | 2014 summary

Year 2014 brought my team a lot of new impressions and experiences, so I decided to summarize all the blog events in one place. Marketing campaigns Someone mentioned that blogs in Poland are becoming less popular. But it seems to me that what is happening is the opposite. This year I took part in several marketing campaigns, it is impossible to name all of them, so I will mention only the most important: marketing campaign for Centro – launch of the Vicini for Centro collection advertising campaigns for technological brands Colorovo, Asus, Microsoft beauty campaigns for Philips, Neutral

Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) | Paris

Paris is one of my favorite cities and surely I don’t have to explain why. Just be there to feel the magic, such magic that we have read about in fairy tales as a child. Soon in the blog I will put some other posts about this city. I have prepared for you some useful information on sightseeing and travel particulars that I particularly liked. In this post you will see and you will learn a little more about the Eiffel Tower, which certainly deserves a special treatment and separate post.   Eiffel Tower (Tour