Comfy casual | Louvre Palace, Paris

Comfy casual | Louvre Palace, Paris

The weather in Paris was unpredictable. Once it rained, then it was warm and the next day cold. While taking pictures at the Louvre Palace there was a strong wind, so I could not control the situation on my head :) However, I believe that sometimes the relative disorder looks very good, especially when it comes to casual styling.

If you’re going on vacation to another city and plan to walk a lot, you should bring only comfortable clothes. I have chosen comfortable casual and I felt great during the whole voyage. My favorite Vagabond shoes were perfect, because even after a long day I was not tired and my legs did not proved any signs of fatigue.






Outfit | OOTD

Jeans – Orsay
Sweater – Orsay
Turleneck – Orsay
Shoes – Vagabond
Scarf – Dorothy Perkins
Coat – Orsay


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