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Jeans shirt & skirt | Eco fashion

Recently, I began to reflect intensively on the concept and importance of ecological fashion. This is related to my lifestyle, which has changed radically. From this year I am doing Hatha Yoga every day  – not one that is taught in most yoga schools in Warsaw and which consists solely in the body gymnastics and stretching, but origins from ancient India, including deep meditative states during the performance of asanas. As you know this year I was for several weeks in Estonia and it was there that I

Comfy casual | Louvre Palace, Paris

The weather in Paris was unpredictable. Once it rained, then it was warm and the next day cold. While taking pictures at the Louvre Palace there was a strong wind, so I could not control the situation on my head :) However, I believe that sometimes the relative disorder looks very good, especially when it comes to casual styling. If you’re going on vacation to another city and plan to walk a lot, you should bring only comfortable clothes. I have chosen comfortable casual and I felt great during the whole

Navy blue man’s shirt & classic black pants | Street fashion

You can see a classic outfit for fall in my style. I’m wearing a black hat, classic black pants and a dark blue man’s shirt. Photography Nails by Salon Euforia            

Street style | Black dress & white shoes by New Look

Iwould like to show you very comfortable street fashion look for every day. I am charmed by the simplicity of the dress, which I have combined with sweater and white shoes by New Look. Ray-Ban sunglasses are suitable for any street style outfit.          

Bamboo Stylus

And the May long weekend is here … And because I have a lot more time I finally had a chance to try the Bamboo Stylus. The upside is a very modern design, so it’s nice complement to the gadget lovers to which I fully qualify. In addition to the design, the Bamboo Stylus allows for accurate “touches”, here I want to emphasize the ease of use of the touch screen displays … I know from experience and I frankly admit it, the finger does not always goes where it

Fashion Roses. Today elegantly

You haven’t seen me yet in this elegant version … Well here I am, sometimes we have to, for example to work. Although I think that this outfit is the most appropriate for the evening. The skirt has been made to measure by Fashion Roses. I am delighted with the quality of the material, perfect tailoring and the extremely pleasant contact with Fashion Roses (you probably know how much this is important). This combination requires classic, for this reason the Ray-Ban Aviator fit the