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The last days of the Ukrainian Fashion Week and Fashion Euro 2012

The Ukrainian Fashion Week is a huge event in Ukranie, everywhere write and talk about it. Even if the event run over one week ago, on TV it is still a heading topic. Immediately after the fashion week, it was held Euro Fashion 2012, but the name about? This is a show of 16 designers from across Europe. The idea came from the upcoming football matches in Euro 2012. Poland was represented by La Mania – Some dresses are in the pictures below. The motorcycle enjoyed great popularity because, as the owner

Among oranges. Ovoart Garden

My life has always been colorful just like now in my apartment. It is easy to note that despite the minimalist forms that guarantee order, I have a passion for original and exclusive things, even to such as clocks on the wall. Icing on the cake…. opps… I meant…Ovoart clock on the wall ;) For lovers of this kind of interiors there are the rollers blinds in the same color as the clock. I admit that orange and purple together looks really nice. In the next posts

Dzmitry Samal design

Dzmitry Samal is a contemporary designer, based in Paris. WWW.SAMALDESIGN.COM Starts his career as a car designer for Italian and French car manufacturers such as “Stile Bertone” and “Renault”. One of his latest creations is a line of design-oriented glasses “Dzmitry Samal”, which I simply adore <3 The collection completely reflects the personality of the artist, it underlines the wilingness to be outside the boring life and shows the way to express yourself. It combines both a futuristic and a retro vision of design, mixing vintage aesthetic

Best friend

Who is your best friend? The one you can entrust all of your most precious things, go for a walk with and throw the cell phone to her when irritated against “that great guy”? Such a precious friend is… my handbag. Beautiful, handy, it doesn’t talk too much, and it is always faithful and ready to serve at any time. In this set my friend is the bag. I adore the texture and its form. The Mustang boots are an interesting proposal for the cold weather, which look very feminine and protect

Golden autumn

It’s already the fourth day of the December! I decided to dedicate this post to the beautiful golden autumn, which already ended,  but astronomically it is still with us. The Shiny Sequin heels and the Retrofuturo jacket with golden leaves fit together perfectly. Warm colors can brighten up a gray day, that is why in the cold time of the year I often reach for this kind of sets. Navy blue pants … Well, it’s classic, especially in such a brilliant performance as has


I would like to share with you the cool bags HO::LO which I found in their online store. In my opinion they are very original :) I must have one! HO::LO bags are in my must-have list. In the online store there are 15 cool models: memo:: humia:: laptor:: multi_2:: shopia:: mlekosha:: valdizer:: portfelio peres:: konkord:: kgo:: skaffa:: perlon_2:: memo_3:: holoknigus:: offixia:: and you can find available several hundreds of different graphical patterns. How do you like them? I’m glad I finally found some original bags. Another good news is that in HO::LO they have good discounts. It’s worth to check out the products and discounts