Among oranges. Ovoart Garden

Among oranges. Ovoart Garden

My life has always been colorful just like now in my apartment. It is easy to note that despite the minimalist forms that guarantee order, I have a passion for original and exclusive things, even to such as clocks on the wall. Icing on the cake…. opps… I meant…Ovoart clock on the wall ;)
For lovers of this kind of interiors there are the rollers blinds in the same color as the clock. I admit that orange and purple together looks really nice. In the next posts I will show the final results.
How do you like the color of the Lotari roller blinds? Lately I love vivid colors, mmm … spring is coming …

ovoart zegar nowoczesny
rolety lotari
burberry koszula
rajstopy levante
lotari smartroll rolety
logo levante

Shirt – Burberry
Tights – Levante



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