Dilemma – between blinds and curtains

Dilemma – between blinds and curtains

As you know, I am arranging the apartment… and because I like to surround myself with beautiful things, I choose for my home products which I really like.
The flat is a modern one, so I thought it would be a good idea to have as less furniture as possible, but it must be absolutely fantastic! I decided to focus on the colors and the simplicity of the forms. In order to create a cool mood and style of the interior I have added various futuristic elements.

Curtains are a very important element of the apartment. I thought of roller blinds, curtains and so forth… However I thought that modern apartments can not be with curtains and drapes. In my childhood I had curtains in my room, and probably it’s related to that. I remember it was hard for my mom to wash them, remove and hang them again (total pain!). I decided that the roller blinds are very smart and also a beautiful solution.
I started looking on the internet and what? All stores offer more or less the same, Roman blinds with cords. Only in E-lotari.pl I could find something interesting and very comfortable, the blinds with the Smartroll a mechanism. I am sure you don’t even imagine how much these blinds are great and above all… easy to use (and that to me is very important!)
There’s absolutely no need to use a chain, the automatic shutter smoothly and very quietly rolls up – well, you can also adjust the speed to a slower one if you wish. … Of course, as we all do, I also appreciate these innovative technologies, and my beloved is in the 7 heaven (he is a perfectionist, and as that he thinks that if we have something it must be always the best). If you are looking for a safe product for the children, these roller blinds are perfect;)

Below you can see a short photographic presentation of each roller blind, as you can see the choice is huge.

Aha! Another thing – I will show the roller blinds the next posts, so you’ll see what I chose and how it looks.

lotari zasłony
lotari rolety
lotari rolety rzymskie
lotari smartroll

lotari mechanizm smatroll
produkty bezpieczne dla dzieci




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