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If I won’t go to Spain then…

If I don’t go to Spain, Spain will come to me :) When I was prepearing this outfit, I did not think that will come out something like that. I bought a red dress which fits black patterned tights and the result is what you see… A loose outfit luscious colors. The Aimeedu dress has a very comfortable fit, you don’t even feel it on yourself … I do not know whether this is an advantage or disadvantage :)

Among oranges. Ovoart Garden

My life has always been colorful just like now in my apartment. It is easy to note that despite the minimalist forms that guarantee order, I have a passion for original and exclusive things, even to such as clocks on the wall. Icing on the cake…. opps… I meant…Ovoart clock on the wall ;) For lovers of this kind of interiors there are the rollers blinds in the same color as the clock. I admit that orange and purple together looks really nice. In the next posts