Dzmitry Samal design

Dzmitry Samal design

Dzmitry Samal is a contemporary designer, based in Paris. WWW.SAMALDESIGN.COM

Starts his career as a car designer for Italian and French car manufacturers such as “Stile Bertone” and “Renault”. One of his latest creations is a line of design-oriented glasses “Dzmitry Samal”, which I simply adore <3

The collection completely reflects the personality of the artist, it underlines the wilingness to be outside the boring life and shows the way to express yourself.
It combines both a futuristic and a retro vision of design, mixing vintage aesthetic with advanced production elements. Dzmitry has a unique design approach and believes that the future of design lies in our past and our heritage. The collection is entirely produced in France using up-to-date technologies and handmade know-how.

The glasses are amazing as other Dzmitry’s designs. His collection of sunglasses is an example of real fashion and beauty for me.



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